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God is Good!

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Christian Topics
When was the last time you just sat back and reflected over your past? I was just sitting here going through my Avon magazine and it hit me…wow I’ve come along way. From smokin and drinkin. Wild parties and fights. To this blessed women, wife, mother, mentor, etc. The list could go on.  I just want to challange you all to look to the past for a minute then just THANK GOD, you aint there anymore.

Remember 2 Give

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Organizations
Remember 2 Give
As you all know I volunteered in the ABC Extreme Home Makeover – Lansing Episode. For those of you who prayed with me before, during, and after thank you very much. This was a very humbling experience and I met some wonderful people. I’ve always wanted to do something like this…wanted to get involved with Habitat for Humanity but the hours did not work for me. This opportunity was perfect as it allowed me to take a third shift. That night was very cold, and it had rained earlier in the day. The temperture was about 30 degrees. But my God is sooooo good. I was placed in a tent to do check in. I should of only been there for one to two hours…however, they forgot about me and another one. This is the blessed thing. The security guards we befriended took one of the heaters from the construction workers off the site and brought in with us. LOL THANK YOU JESUS. Cause ya’ll know I hate the cold…lol After four hours in the tent. I was sent to do one of the most hardest tasks anyone could ever give me in my life. I had to watch Ed’s tools…lol Yes He always has two guards on his tools at all times. And he is adamite that he doesn’t want women. He only wants men. Did I hear someone say FAVOR…Yes it is. There I was able to see the inside of the house from the backyard. I prayed over the land as I was there and thats when I noticed the memorial garden for Mrs. Nickless husband. All I could do was think of how blessed I am to return home everyday and see my husbands face. My God…never take anything in life forgranted. Not even the small stuff. See I was partnered with a women who complained the whole time, because we were forgotten and that made us miss our opportunity to tour the house and go to the VIP section. Me on the otherhand, I was happy. I did what God wanted me to…I greeted the volunteers as they checked in, gave them a smile and shirt and sent them to their site. I then conversed with two of the programs security guards and got to know them very well. I prayed for the family, and their new blessing and those to come…but most of all I prayed (sliently, as she did not want it) for my partner who is an atheist and then learned that the security guard is a Pastor. I now know that is why I was there. It had nothing to do with the Nickless family, but for my partner. Know why you are where you are today. Christ says we are to seek him in ALL THINGS!!! I found him at the Extreme Home Makeover…where can you find him? Enjoy the clip.

God Bless you!
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