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True Thanksgiving

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Everyday Life Rules

What is thanksgiving?


Young Adults Rep’n Christ

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Rep'n Christ

I just love to see today’s youth and young adults that are not ashamed to rep Christ. With all the negative influences today it’s not often you see/hear of those that live holy lives. Its become the norm to broadcast all the negativity and put no display on anything positive. Just imagine what the news would be like if it covered more positive things. Or if todays television shows and radio stations didn’t broadcast something with violence or nudity every few seconds. Or what if your neighbor actually spoke to you and you all did good deeds for one another. It’s as if this world has a fear of positivity. But thank God for the “Chozyn Generation” The ones who are saying enough is enough and it doesn’t have to be this way. Thank God for the youth and young adults saying this is not what we want to represent us and we will not represent this lifestyle. Thank God for those that are leading by example and doing so by letting go and letting God have His way.

Every time I hear of someone listening to God and doing His will…taking a stand against this world and making a difference… I can’t help but become overwhelmed with joy Rolling on the floor laughing. Its time that we as believers begin to showcase those who are not afraid to stand up for their God and their beliefs. If each of us would take a moment and talk about someone we know that rep’s Christ before you know it there would be nothing negative left to say. If each of us would step out of our own shells and begin to be a witness to others. How many more lost souls would be found.

That’s the purpose of me sharing today’s song with you. This young man is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. Understanding, accepting, and acting on the call God has for his life. Miguel Parejo “El Embajador” is reaching the youth of Venezuela at warped speed. His biblical rhymes are sure to leave anyone on their knees and surrendering their lives to Christ. It’s a mixture of reggaeton, ballads, rap, and just holy anointed lyrics. What I also admire about my brother is that he doesn’t mind taking his ministry to the people (in the streets). This is only the beginning of the great ministry God has entrusted him with. I’m just honored to know him and have the opportunity to watch his ministry flourish. It’s a great honor to present him to you…All the way from Venezuela, my brother, El Embajador.

Please keep him and his ministry in your prayers. I pray this song will minister to you and please visit him on Facebook as well as YouTube.

Love and blessings,

Ari A. Flores