Corporate Prayer

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Prayer
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The power of prayer is just awesome!

Have you ever wanted to pray with someone in the middle of the night, but everyone was asleep? Have you ever jumped up from your sleep and just wanted to call someone who would touch and agree? Well I sure have a prayer partner for you. Her name is Minister Lisa Shelton. Many of you know her has my “Mommie”. Minister Lisa has prayed on the phone into the late hours for decades with her close friends and myself. But she always desired to make herself available to other women who wanted to pray or needed prayer also. When she started her ministry, Wailing Women Implosion  she wanted even more to have a 24 hour prayer. After she of course did much prayer God answered her and in January 2010 she launched her 24-hour prayer line. Then later in the year she launched the  Corporate Prayer line. God has blessed His children from all over this world with these avenues of prayer. With just one call people are connected to Minister Lisa and others from all over this world. Together they can give their prayer requests, testimonies, and praise and worship God together with no regard as to where they are or what they are doing. Yes you read right, I said with no regard to what they are doing. I say that because God instructed us to pray without ceasing. Therefore that means ALL THE TIME we should be praying. Every Thursday night during the start of prayer I’m preparing my husband’s dinner. But I’m on that prayer line also. I simply call in then I place my end on mute and put it on speaker. I’m hands free from the phone, praying to my God, serving my husband, then putting kids to sleep all at once. Now that’s what I call praying without ceasing. So there is no excuse for one to not call in aside from…they didn’t want to.

With that being said I pray that you all will join us for an awesome time in the Lord. Allow God to minister to you and through you during this awesome time of fellowship. Just remember when the praises go up the blessings come down!

Love and blessings!

Corporate Prayer

 Thursdays @ 8:00 PM CST/ 9:00 PM EST 

 (661) 673-8600 access code is 663125#


Participant Feature Keys
 *3 Exit – exit the call
 *4 Instructions – conference instructions
 *6 Mute/Unmute – caller controlled muting

  1. W J Corbett says:

    That was enlightening and wonderful!

    My prayers for you and the Ministry…much good will alwayscome from God.

    I wish you peace!


    • Thank you for your kind words! May God continue to bless you and shine His favor upon you and your family. My prayer is that you will continue to reach those that God has for you to reach and that your ministry continues to be more than what you even imagined or hoped for. God bless you for spreading your encouraging words. When we pray for others and encourage one another, we bring that same upon ourselves. I KNOW YOUR BLESSED!!!!

      Love & blessings,

  2. Greetings

    Praise Messiah

    I am believing that this is you and I find you here. It is so wonderful to know just how much you love the Father and extend yourself to mankind. You are a true servant and I appreciate all that you do for others. Love you!!!

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