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Inmigrantes se toman las calles este 1 de mayo – Univision Noticias.

This is an excellent article. Please get out and support your brothers and sisters in Christ. Its time that we not just talk about love but be about love. Stand UNITED and not apart.

God’s Child

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Identity

God’s Child

Writing from the crevice of my heart.

A wounded soul reaching for a hand but there is none to hold

A longing so bold that it overwhelms me

Lost in the dark

Cold and alone

I cry but no one hears me

Tears flow and no one knows

I wipe them away before one sees me

I smile everything’s okay

I’m Gods child, right

But even God’s child has a lonely night

Even God’s child wants to be held tight

His child cry’s like I, right

My mind wanders and ponders on the thought

Nah that’s not real…

There it is again…

A hand

Not visible but felt

A cool breeze across my back…

A breath upon my neck

I can feel it

I know your here

See my…oh God you do care

I thought you left me alone, alone, all alone

But you just wanted me on my face before Your throne.

I’m sorry Daddy…I’m home!

There are some people that question why we should pray. Others know why we should and live  a prayerfull life. Meanwhile there are some that understand the importance of prayer and aren’t doing any or enough of it for various reasons.

In my rencet reading and preparing for the upcoming show I was lead to the following bible verse…

 As for me, far be it from me to sin against ADONAI by ceasing to pray for you! Rather, I will continue instructing you in the good and right way. 1 Sam. 12:23.

I don’t know about you but I do not enjoy living a sinful life. I do my very best to remain aligned with God and be obediant. Then there is 1 Sam. 12:23 that is telling me that I’m sinning when I don’t pray and not just for me but for you. Are your ebrows raising now too? Good…Lets take a deeper look into this verse and Prayer Time and Its Importance on April 30, 2011 with Minister Lisa Shelton of Wailing Women Implosion.

Click the link below to join us in our discussion on prayer and the link above to obtain additional information about the Wailing Women Implosion prayer line.

Prayer Time and Its Importance 04/30 by Chozyn Generation | Blog Talk Radio.