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Posted: January 9, 2012 in Organizations

Group Leader

Group Leader David

My son was diagnosed w/psoriasis when he was three. We took him to the ER for a horrible fever, cold, and sore throat. It was horrific. He could hardly swallow, was vomiting, had a fever, and etc. I was told that he had scarlet fever and strep throat. I noticed that he had all these red patches on him but we thought it would go away. It wasn’t until after his cold cleared and the patches remained that I took him to the doctor. His doctor then sent us to a dermatologist. At first the doctor didn’t really tell us about psoriasis and lead us to believe that we just needed to use the ointment prescribed and he would clear up in a few months. When months went by I took him back to the doctor and it was pretty much the same thing but a different cream. Again there was no education about it just me being told that he was okay and not to worry. At a later visit we where informed that he has psoriasis, given a few pamphlets to read and the doctor still had us believing that David would grow out of it in a few years. So I began to research psoriasis on my own. Long story short…my son is older now and still has psoriasis along with psoriatic arthritis. He is a strong, independent, very intelligent, and a God-fearing young man who does not let this get the best of him. Since he was three he has told me that God is going to heal him. He has tried treatment after treatment and nothing has worked. As many may know that’s just the way it is with psoriasis. We relocated to a warmer climate and he began to get worse. We got set up with new doctors and he was getting ready to begin a new treatment when he said to me “mom no more! These meds make me worse and they make me hurt. I told you God will heal me. I’m okay!” When he said that my heart broke. Not because of sadness but because here he is this young man stepping out on faith and believing that he is healed.

To this day he has not taken any medications and he is the best he has ever been. His want now is to support and give back to those that have gone through all he has endured in these past few years. I’m forever thankful to have him as my son. Last year David asked me what he could do to give back so I gathered all the information I could for him on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis groups in our area. From there he started a group, One Step At A Time, that will take part in the National Psoriasis Foundations Walk to Cure Psoriasis every year. Last year was great. We expect this year to be even better and thank God for all of you who give, prayer, and take part. Please give to his group online and help us have another successful year in finding a cure for psoriasis.

May all who have psoriasis walk in your healing (with or without the medication) and know that everything is for purpose. May those who don’t suffer from this come to the aid of those who do.

Love and blessings, Ari

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