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Recently I have noticed how people have come into and left my life (I have paid more attention to it now than before). I have had friendships that ended, family members that have passed, even people I recently befriended have left my life. I have also made you friends/associates, welcomed new births/ await new births in my family. For the relationships that have ended, I do not consider it a bad thing. We have to remember and understand that everyone in our life is not meant to be there forever. There are some people who we will share our life with for a lifetime, others only a mere second. There are even those in our life that have been there for sometime that need to leave.

My advice to anyone in any relationship is to judge the spirit by the spirit. You need to know who is in your life and why they are present. Some people are there to inflict pain, hatred, they lie on you and to others about you, and they place ill thoughts in your mind and your environment. While on the other hand, there is someone who is loving, speaking words of encouragement, feeding you with the nourishment you need to blossom into a better person. They minister to you and guide you in the right direction. They are truly concerned about your well-being, etc. Both of these people are different and are needed in life in efforts to excel. You need the person to uplift you, carry you when you cannot walk, pray for you, etc. just as much as you need the back stabber. Back stabbers are not at all bad to you, when you know their true purpose. It’s evident that  a back stabber is malicious and is only out to do wrong and cause pain. But when you realize that they confirm for you that your on track, doing what is required of you, God has already done it, and that they are only hurting themselves and setting you up for a great reward. Then you get a bit excited when a back stabber comes to surface. It’s your que that you’re doing a job well done.

From this day forward I want to challenge you to not “react” to the back stabber but “ACT” in the presence of the back stabber. Begin to praise, worship, and thank God for who He is in your life and what He has done in yours.

As for the relationships that are not at all bad…those that are long-lasting and those that are temporal, ENJOY THEM! Cherish every moment you have, grow from the relationship, and make sure you are giving your all to it in efforts to draw from it. You cannot get what you personally don’t put in.