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Midnight Snack #1

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Quick Think

Midnight Snack: You don’t have to like where you are right now in life. But, you do have to embrace it. When you learn to embrace your present state and operate out of where you are and what you have. Then you are showing God you are ready for the increase. Does a baby walk out of his mothers womb? No. So then how can you expect to get somewhere in life without taking the necessary steps to get there. Lastly, remember, your journey is FOR YOU and no one else. The way God orders you to walk your steps is not the same for the next man. To much is given much is required. You must live by the HIGHEST standards because you serve a HIGH God. There is no room for compromising, waivering, and foolishness. The clock is ticking, doors are open, and contrary to what many profess and believe God is already done with His work and is waiting on you…but He wont wait forever