Our Mission
The mission of Es Amor Servicios Cristianos is to operate in the realm of God, helping low-income families, individuals and Spanish speakers obtain the necessities needed in order to thrive.


 Our Vision
Change lives with the love of God by helping low-income families and/or individuals and Spanish speakers obtain and/or by;
  • Emergency food and clothing assistance
  • Implement and teach love and compassion
  • Become more successful in the workforce by providing; job training and career development
  • Providing a bilingual education center and break down language barriers.
  • Teach them how to give back into the community in which they live.
  • Teach them to strive for a better life and relationship with Christ.
Company History

Es Amor Servicios Cristianos is a faith based not-for-profit corporation that serves low-income families and/or individuals, and Spanish speakers in the Greater Lansing area. Although the services offered were orginally developed to address the needs of low-income Spanish speaking families by providing such social services by Spanish speaking individuals, the scope of the organization’s services have broadened to provide relief to the poor, distressed or underprivileged without regard to the language spoken. It is our hope to allow such individuals to ask for help without leaving them feeling broken or belittled because of a language barrier or the fact that they needed to seek outside assistance to provide for their family.

Our client base consists of low-income persons, mainly families and Spanish speakers who need emergency assistance and/or help obtaining services offered to them but struggle to do so due to language barriers.

Es Amor is here to lessen the government’s burden by providing faith based services and programs such low income Spanish speaking individuals require when asking for public assistance, primarily by providing translation services and temporary assistance. By contributing to the physical needs of society’s underprivileged classes and by giving them a hand up to help them become productive members of society, our services are a small investment in comparison to the cost of ignoring the problem.


Since incorporation in October 2007, Es Amor Servicios Cristianos has made remarkable progress.  We have successfully assisted over 30 families and individuals with obtaining food stamps, unemployment benefits, employment, clothing, furniture, insurance, and more.

In January 2010 we expanded the ministry and began operating in Houston, TX. With the new location Cha – Cha Designs was birthed. This little girls and womens boutique was created not only to generate revenue for the ministry but, to provided wonderful products for ladies and give back to the community at the same time. With every purchase we are allowed to feed countless of homeless individuals in Houston, TX. It is our hope that this program will soon be able to provide the same assistance in all of our locations.

We expect our progress to continue to soar as the need for our services and programs are growing each day.
Please continue to check our calender for upcoming programs and events

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