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Its something how time flies. I’m sitting here updating various websites, blogs, and  posting links here and there when I came across a earlier blog I wrote some time back. I began to read it again and it seems like it’s the very first time I’ve read it. I’m still in awe of each word written. How God can give women the want to raise up her daughter before she has even conceived. It’s just a feeling that leaves me without words. Then I’m drifting in my mind as the words are still flying past my eyes. I see Amada, my daughter, now four years old and how the world is just in awe of her. From her friends, teachers, and strangers here and there. I can only begin to praise God even more for all He is doing. How the very purpose of her existence that He revealed to me is happening. I’m a witness to it all. I’m watching dreams and visions come to life right before my eyes as people are captivated by her beauty,God’s Beauty, then she embraces them in a song about Christ or a shout of Hallelujah or Thank you Jesus! Some just smile and say, “oh how darling.” While others they get teary eyed and rejoice and say ‘ Out of the mouth of babes.

Amada captivates all when she sings and dances for the Lord. There is a level of innocence but a certainty of knowing that what she is doing is right. It is not forced, taught nor cohericed…its lead by the Holy Spirit. She leaves many of us adults looking shame when she begins to praise without interruption.

Shes begun to tell me of her dreams and visions and often draws a picture or writes it out in words. Although to me at times it seems unclear. Its her consistency in using her gifts that God has given her that will make her stronger. I urge her daily to continue allowing God to use her for His Kingdom and she will most likely reply “well duh mommy I must listen” Thank God for the obeying child.

This is what Chozyn Generation is about…The RISING of the youth because YOU R HIS CHOZYN GENERATION!!!! T.he Generation that is not afraid to stand for what they believe no matter the cost. A generation that says I will lead and not follow because I’m the head and not the tail. You are the generation that knows who you are and your purpose in this life. You understand that your being is nothing without Ha’Shem. That your mere existence is to glorify Him with every breath you take. To praise Him with every word that flows from your tongue.

So I say to you. RISE CHOZYN GENERATION…RISE! Be who He has called you to be in this Kingdom.

Love and blessings,


If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  1. where do I come from?
  2. what is the purpose of my existance?
  3. why am I here?
  4. what is life?
  5. who is God?

Then this is the series for you. During the month of December we will be learning who we are and discussing many hot topics concerning our existance. There will be much interaction between you, our guests, and the host. You will have the opportunity to submit questions and prayer requests and more. Now is the time to know who you are and Who’s you are.

Get ready as we embark upon this glorious season in our lives…self. There is nothing more important than knowing who you are.

Talk to you soon!

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