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Georgia Kills Troy Davis

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Injustice

Troy is not dead but he LIVES. Troy is living eternal life…while he is no longer here in the flesh he is still with us. As we live our lives we can vow to ourselves and each other to treat each other fairly and according to what is right before God.

Troy asked for his family and friends to never give up and to not stop fighting. We are his family as well and must honor him and continue to fight. Troy unfortuantly is not the only person facing death for a crime he did not commit. Or doing time for a crime he did not commit. Its time that we as the country stop this madness and does something about it.

Please read the following blog from The Amnesty International USA Web log and find out how you can get involved in your community. God has given you the power so use it…don’t just sit on it.

Georgia Kills Troy Davis.

No longer can we as a people remain silent and allow innocent people to be killed by our so called “justice system” while the guilty remain free. Take a stand and help this man fight for his life. But, don’t let you fight end here, continue to fight for all the people who have been wrongly accused and lost their lives or remain locked up, or did time and should not have. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!


Breaking News: Judge Sets Troy Davis Execution Date for Sep. 21 | NAACP.

Inmigrantes se toman las calles este 1 de mayo – Univision Noticias.

This is an excellent article. Please get out and support your brothers and sisters in Christ. Its time that we not just talk about love but be about love. Stand UNITED and not apart.