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A Prayer For The Athletes

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Sports

I thank God daily for the family I have. For teaching us at an early age to keep God first, allow Him to guide us, etc. I also know the importance of keeping one another lifted up in prayer. Now a days many young men will enter into the professional sports arena and without a covering of protection. They become subject to the forms of destruction that the enemy has lined up to make them fall. From drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity there is just so much that can bring them down.

We as believers have the obligation to stop this by 1. pleading the blood of Jesus against any strong hold. 2. praying a prayer of protection over these young men. 3. and having their backs always by ministering (all forms of ministry) to them daily.

I ask that you all join my family in praying for my cousin, Davonte Shannon # 7 for the Buffalos, as he embarks upon a new chapter in his life. We pray that God will guide Him and shield him from any hurt, harm, or destruction. That he will hear God’s every call. That Davonte will have the Godly wisdom to enter into every situation/environment as God would have him to. That he not be tricked into thinking the things of this world are better than what God has to bless Him with. That he walk with the statue of the Lord and not be ashamed to stand for and represent Christ. That he uses this opportunity to win souls for the Lord on and off the field. That he flourish in the ministry that God has for him. AMEIN.

From my entire family thank you for your prayers and support.

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