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Inmigrantes se toman las calles este 1 de mayo – Univision Noticias.

This is an excellent article. Please get out and support your brothers and sisters in Christ. Its time that we not just talk about love but be about love. Stand UNITED and not apart.

This post is so helpful that I wanted to repost it so that you could read it. If you haven’t done so yet, please connect with Leadershipfreak’s blog. You’ll find tons of reading that is very helpful to becoming a better you.

Love and blessings!


Three styles that take you there A brief announcement. Leadership Freak along with 10 other bloggers has been nominated for the “Best of Leadership Blogs 2010.” If this blog adds value to you, I'd appreciate your vote. You can check out the other nominees and vote here. And now today's post. ***** Three styles that take you there. Paul Thornton believes successful managers practice and master three core management styles. Directing — Discussing — Delegating Directing includes … Read More

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