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You are invited to attend Wailing Women Implosion’s Annual Women’s Empowerment Dinner August 1-3, 2011.

The theme is Diamonds (Women)…God’s finest creation.


Being that this is our first annual dinner, you are in for a GRAND surprise. All invitations were selected with much prayer and God lead consideration. Aside from the beautiful fellowship with one another you will be enlightened on our ministry and how your attendance to the gathering is vital.


Online registration has begun. If you prefer to receive a hard copy of the registration packet. Please email Ari at and request your packet today or print below.

 Adult Registration Packet (13-plus)

Child Registration Form (ages 2-12)


It is our desire to reach women of all ages and races and have an awesome time in the Lord!



Hotel reservations must be made by contacting the DoubleTree Hotel

 at (800) 222-8733 or online in order to receive promotional pricing.


Anyone needing to make reservations for Sunday (or other nights outside of the block) should call Emily Nathan at 281-848-4001 Mon-Fri 8a-5p. On the weekends – if you have to call on the weekend, you must ask for the front desk supervisor – NOT reservations – or you will be transferred to Central in Dallas and they cannot assist you. Thanks!



Saved By Grace

Image by loswl via Flickr

Heavenly Father, I know Lord Jesus that You are my Lord and my King, and You intercede for me. You are a loving and forgiving God and I ask You Lord to forgive me for all my sins and any un-forgiveness that I may have in my heart. I ask You Lord to forgive me for not always making You a priority in my life. I know You are strong and I need Your help now. I am being tempted to do things that are not good for me. Give me strength to say no to these pressures. Help me to find good and Godly things to keep me busy in place of the things that my friends want me to do. You are my strength, Lord. I know, Lord, that You understand all the temptations that face teenagers today and what it will take to keep me from being lured in the wrong direction. So, Lord I trust in You to know my heart and keep me from these worldly traps. Help me Lord to receive fully, with understanding, Your word in James 1:3-4, so that when my faith is tested, my endurance has a chance to grow. I know that You will guide me along the right pathway for my life and that You will tell me and watch over me. I know Lord that You are my counselor and that I should always depend on You. I am in need of Your guidance. I don’t know what to do (Psalm 32:8). Help me to do what You want done in all situations that I, as a teenager must face. Please Lord, put godly people in my path to show me the steps I need to take. I know Lord that there are friends who destroy each other, but a real friends sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). I ask You, Lord to help me find the kind of Christian friends that will be closer than a brother. Help me Lord to be the kind of friend to others that I would want for myself. Open my eyes to see the good qualities in people around finding the truth, and having a good time and keeping my friends. I want to do the right things instead of wearing a mask and being a phony just to be popular. Heavenly Father, I ask for You to show me Your face when i feel like giving up. Remind me of Your unconditional love when I seem to have not hope in me. Help me to cling to You Father when I am getting off track. Show me how to stay focused on You and Your will for my life. Father guide my every step. Lord I ask that all that I am be of You. Lord make my beauty Your beauty, my voice Your voice, my embrace Your embrace, my words Your words. In Jesus name I pray. Amein.