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I’m not going to go into depths because this is something that I’d like for you to ponder upon and consult with God. But why is it that we:

  1. Celebrate Christmas…as if this where the day Yeshua (Jesus) was born.
  2. Why does everyone else get a gift on His “birthday” and He can’t even get anything…not even grace before the meal to be eaten.
  3. Where in the world did Santa come into play on someones birthday? Not to mention the sleigh, elves, and the snowman.
  4. What is the purpose of Christmas? The TRUE purpose. I’m not talking about what we were taught as children and what we grew up believing. I’m talking about the truth that you get after you’ve read your word, done your research, and consulted your heavenly father YHVH.

I’ll even give you a link or two to get you started.

This should get you off to a great start.

Love and blessings,