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Fight Hunger

In January 2010 my family and ministry relocated to Houston, TX and upon arrival we were devastated to see the number of homeless people on the streets throughout the day. No matter the temperature, rain, or shine they where out side…without a safe place to call home and many without one meal to eat during the day. They stand on corner after corner seeking money, work, anything that will help change their present situation. They sleep and congregate under bridges which are nosey and dangerous. But to them that is home. Many have never even seen the inside of shelters. Some have made it to shelters but due to restrictions cannot be admitted . A local ministry, The Beacon, stated that there is approx. 10,000 homeless people living on the streets of Houston, TX on any given night. These are just those that have been accounted for. More than 3,000 of that 10,000 are considered chronically homeless and 25% of them are youth.

Beneath the Bridges: Homeless in Houston Preview (Must see video clip)

We are looking for the donation of a facility with a certifiable kitchen or catering truck/trailer where we can legally prepare meals to distribute to the homeless through our Fight Hunger program as well as, run our social service ministry. If this is something you would be interested in please contact me. We are a 501(c)(3) organization so there is a tax deduction available to any donation you make to us. If you personally are unable to aid us please be so kind as to pass the word along to someone you feel would be interested.

Thanks in advance for your support. For more detailed information about our ministry please feel free to visit our  website, online fundraiser: Fight Hunger  or contact Ari Flores directly at 832-688-8794 or email:


Seek God for yourself. Living for Him is intimate and requires your daily participation. We cannot proclaim to love God and not seek Him daily. We cannot proclaim to love God and we are not desiring to know more about Him. Or we take the knowledge that someone else has given us about Him and decide that’s factual and enough and never seek more.

To be intimate with someone requires the participation of two, not only one. God desires to have an intimate relationship with each of us but that also requires our participation.

What are you doing to make sure that your love life with God is 100% and then some?

If you’re in the same situation(s) time and time again…its time you reconsider your life, desires, company you keep, and etc. and upgrade yaself. God gives free upgrades daily. You will become a better you all for the price of $0.00 because His son paid the price for you. He loves you that much that all you have to do is accept Him and live for Him and He does the rest for you. Participation, remaining faithful and truth, not wavering in your walk, recruiting others, being just, spreading the good news, and doing what He asks you to do, is required. Then when its your time to part this earth you have life everlasting.


But if you don’t want to live healthier, happier, wealthier, smarter, and etc. life then stay in that same situation(s) you’re in year after year after year and eventually when you die you’ll still live that same mess. Stealing, cheating, fighting, drug use, total misconduct, murder, demon possession, satan worshipping, and demonic behavior required. Now isn’t that exciting.

Choose Now…LIFE OR DEATH!!!!!!