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Life Lesson #8

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Everyday Life Rules
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Know that your life does not belong to you. It is not even about you. It is about God and humanity. When you can grasp that God has created you to worship and praise him and to bring others to Him, then your life will not only be more meaningful but much more rewarding.

So when you pray, pray not only for yourself but remember to include others (not just your family either).

Say this prayer with me…

Heavenly Father, I pray that you will forgive and every member of my family and all of my friends for anything we have done wrong. Lord help me to forgive anyone who may have hurt me and help anyone that I may have hurt or upset to forgive me. Lord, help me to love others and do what you want me to do. Please come into my heart Lord, and wash my sins. Lord, help my family to be happy and love one another and not be sad or mad at each other. Dear Lord, please take care of my loved ones and protect and love them as they care for me. I thank you for this wonderful day. Please show my family how much You love them and that You will always be there for them. Teach us to always come to You in prayer. Lord, I pray that every member of my family and all of my friends and people in this world will accept You into their hearts so that they will not only go to heaven, but live the life on earth that You have offered for them to live. I pray that they will all allow Your will to be done in their lives. Lord God I ask that you give us Your wisdom to work in Your Kingdom according to your plan.  I pray that You teach us all our purpose in life and how to grow and cherish what You have blessed us with. Father God, I ask that you speak to each of us daily, embrace us daily, and walk with us daily. I thank you for all that You have done and will do in the future concerning our lives.

In Yeshua (Jesus) name I pray, Amen.

Life Lesson #3

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Everyday Life Rules

Snakes are always around trying to squeeze the life out of you. But you must KNOW, you have a giant foot to step right on the snake and kill it! Be a overcomer NOW!