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Dear Friend,

Greetings! I am writing to inform you about an opportunity to help us provide free food and hygiene products for the homeless in Houston, TX. During our recent July distribution we received many requests for facial and/or body wipes, soap, and bottled water. Praise God this is what He supplied us with to give. However, this request lets us know that it is a great need. In the particular area we focus on downtown, a group of men we helped led us toward a local organization by th…e name of The Beacon. As we continued to gave outside of this organizations building God allowed Pastor Shelton, Brother Wendell, and Sister Afani to meet a director from the Beacon. This encounter lead to a formal meeting and tour of the facility and after sitting down with them, we will been allowed to distribute our care packages directly from their facility as often as we like. GLORY TO GOD! With your continued help and support we will be able to give on a daily basis. From this facility alone we have been told to estimate serving between 700-800 individuals on a daily basis. This will not include those we will reach when we get out into the neighborhoods and distribute. The 2011 homeless census taken by The Coalition for the Homeless Houston/Harris County showed that 8,538 men, women and children in Houston, Harris and Fort Bend counties were homeless the night of the survey taken. On the same date in 2010, that number was 6,819. We can only begin to imagine what the number has increased to during this year. With your help, we can make a difference one life at a time. When a person is no longer thinking of where their next meal and hygiene products will come from they are able to have a clearer outlook on life. A simple meal and a clean body can make a world of a difference.

Together Es Amor Servicios Cristianos, Faith International Ministries, and you can reach our brothers and sisters and help give them a fresh look at life.

Monetary donations can be made online at or mailed to PO Box 842415, Houston, TX 77284
Product donations can be made online at

In His Service,

Ari A. Flores
President & Bilingual Program Director

Recently I have noticed how people have come into and left my life (I have paid more attention to it now than before). I have had friendships that ended, family members that have passed, even people I recently befriended have left my life. I have also made you friends/associates, welcomed new births/ await new births in my family. For the relationships that have ended, I do not consider it a bad thing. We have to remember and understand that everyone in our life is not meant to be there forever. There are some people who we will share our life with for a lifetime, others only a mere second. There are even those in our life that have been there for sometime that need to leave.

My advice to anyone in any relationship is to judge the spirit by the spirit. You need to know who is in your life and why they are present. Some people are there to inflict pain, hatred, they lie on you and to others about you, and they place ill thoughts in your mind and your environment. While on the other hand, there is someone who is loving, speaking words of encouragement, feeding you with the nourishment you need to blossom into a better person. They minister to you and guide you in the right direction. They are truly concerned about your well-being, etc. Both of these people are different and are needed in life in efforts to excel. You need the person to uplift you, carry you when you cannot walk, pray for you, etc. just as much as you need the back stabber. Back stabbers are not at all bad to you, when you know their true purpose. It’s evident that  a back stabber is malicious and is only out to do wrong and cause pain. But when you realize that they confirm for you that your on track, doing what is required of you, God has already done it, and that they are only hurting themselves and setting you up for a great reward. Then you get a bit excited when a back stabber comes to surface. It’s your que that you’re doing a job well done.

From this day forward I want to challenge you to not “react” to the back stabber but “ACT” in the presence of the back stabber. Begin to praise, worship, and thank God for who He is in your life and what He has done in yours.

As for the relationships that are not at all bad…those that are long-lasting and those that are temporal, ENJOY THEM! Cherish every moment you have, grow from the relationship, and make sure you are giving your all to it in efforts to draw from it. You cannot get what you personally don’t put in.

Fight Hunger

In January 2010 my family and ministry relocated to Houston, TX and upon arrival we were devastated to see the number of homeless people on the streets throughout the day. No matter the temperature, rain, or shine they where out side…without a safe place to call home and many without one meal to eat during the day. They stand on corner after corner seeking money, work, anything that will help change their present situation. They sleep and congregate under bridges which are nosey and dangerous. But to them that is home. Many have never even seen the inside of shelters. Some have made it to shelters but due to restrictions cannot be admitted . A local ministry, The Beacon, stated that there is approx. 10,000 homeless people living on the streets of Houston, TX on any given night. These are just those that have been accounted for. More than 3,000 of that 10,000 are considered chronically homeless and 25% of them are youth.

Beneath the Bridges: Homeless in Houston Preview (Must see video clip)

We are looking for the donation of a facility with a certifiable kitchen or catering truck/trailer where we can legally prepare meals to distribute to the homeless through our Fight Hunger program as well as, run our social service ministry. If this is something you would be interested in please contact me. We are a 501(c)(3) organization so there is a tax deduction available to any donation you make to us. If you personally are unable to aid us please be so kind as to pass the word along to someone you feel would be interested.

Thanks in advance for your support. For more detailed information about our ministry please feel free to visit our  website, online fundraiser: Fight Hunger  or contact Ari Flores directly at 832-688-8794 or email: