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I wanted to share with you all the start of something beautiful. Its of course for my ladies. But the fellas will benefit from it as well. It can be hard sometimes being a women in a world that thinks so lowly of us. That tells us that beauty is on outside and not on the inside. That super super thin is in and thick is out and many more lies. God placed it in my heart to share my testimony and the importance of the church and families to begin to take a stand on raising our women the right way. Starting before the womb. If we start at the beginning why wouldn’t the end result be awesome? This is just a sneak peak of whats in store. My prayer is that you will enjoy it.

~Ari A. Flores

Raising A Queen To Reign for God

Today there are many depictions of  what a woman is, should be, etc. I want to help restore the image of women and help raise our daughters the way God intended. Ever since I can remember I wanted to have a daughter. Not really thinking about what all it took to raise a daughter but only focusing on buying anything cute and pink, pretty dresses and ribbons, and things of that nature. It wasn’t until a few months before I was pregnant with my daughter that God began showing me the importance of raising a daughter His way. I know that sounds a bit strange being that I am a daughter, a daughter of pastors, and a woman. But let me explain. We all know what’s right and what’s wrong. But we don’t take time to really instill that into our children. The church and parents have lost the ability and desire to really teach their children on a daily basis the importance of living Godly. This is not just talk this is fact. If it were not true then we would not see the manifestation of this today. I want to add that no one is perfect we all must become aware of our short comings and face them head on in efforts to bring about change. So now let’s get started.

As I mentioned God had began dealing with me about raising my daughter His way months before I was pregnant. It started when I would see different girls in the store, laundromats, schools etc. All I knew was that I began to be drawn to little girls. Then the desire to become with child hit me again. I told my husband I wanted to have a baby and he laughed. He reminded me of the “contract” I made with God, to have a child every three years, hahaha. Hey I needed time to regroup in between pregnancies. Parents lets not act like you never thought about that. Anyways God showed me in a dream one night that my daughter would be this beautiful model. I saw her from a young baby to her adult life modeling and speaking to large groups of girls and women. That’s awesome right! What mother doesn’t want her daughter to be known as beautiful? But then I remembered. I wasn’t pregnant and I had 2 ½ years left on our contract. Meanwhile the Lord still dealing with me and my strongholds was telling me about things in my life that I needed to change. Starting with my so called controlled habit, Newport’s, tequila, and sangria with my dinner. Oh yes, I smoked cigarettes. To only calm my nerves of course. Yes I drank, only occasionally of course. You know it’s not wrong if you don’t do it all the time. So I thought. Well it is if your body is the temple and you love God the way you say you do. Wrong is wrong and right is right. But because I was hard headed He had to get my attention another way. My girlfriend and I were watching our nightly novelas (for those of you that don’t know…these are the Spanish soap operas) and drinking a glass of sangria. As always we drank in between two to three glasses. I was feeling a bit dizzy and this never happened to me before. So I called it quits and she and I went to sleep. I had the most precious dream that turned into a nightmare within a split second. I dreamt that I was pregnant and had a daughter. She was so beautiful but there were several complications and they were unexplainable. I prayed and cried, then cried and prayed begging for God to save my daughter. She was said to not live past a few months. When she made it to six months we all rejoiced. Then it all ended, my precious baby just died. By now in my sleep I’m sweating and tossing then I awake screaming. Well you know what this means. It was time to go and get my best friend. I jumped up and was headed to the bathroom to light up and puff. Before I could get out of my bedroom door, the Holy Spirit tells me, “If you continue this you’ll kill your baby!” Now I’m tripping right. What baby I’m not even pregnant. Then it hit me. I was sick the night before when I was drinking. I fell to my knees and prayed and asked for forgiveness and I didn’t drink or smoke again. My girlfriend and I went to the store to confirm and sure enough I was having a baby in nine months. Oh it doesn’t stop there it gets better. The enemy knows like God knows the plans He has for you. He will do anything to destroy you so that you won’t make it. Satan played with my mind throughout my entire pregnancy telling me that I would lose my baby either before, during, or after. I was terrified. I know that I shouldn’t have been. But it was only natural. I desired to have a daughter so bad. Remember God placed this desire in me. I had seen her life before me as God showed me. He was now teaching me how to protect her before she arrived. My pastor prophesied over me during a Sunday service about me having those dreams (which I revealed to know one). I was ashamed to admit that I, a believer in God was living in fear of losing my baby. But it was true. The test results were not always good. My placenta was leaking fluid daily; my baby was not gaining anymore weight; I was sick all the time; in constant pain; and much more. But in spite of it all, God said for me to rise up, ignore the enemy and prepare for my child. So I did just that, with His help.

The reason I shared this personal story with you is so that you can understand the importance of a women. It begins with woman. If there is no woman to conceive there will be no other. Unless of course God just puts another there. But you understand. So why wouldn’t the enemy try to do whatever he can to destroy the beginning. If woman is successful in getting here then he tries to destroy her along the way. Every woman on this earth has her personal story on how the enemy tried to destroy her. This can be eliminated if every girl is trained up during pregnancy. Yes I said during pregnancy. Part of my process of preparing me was to prepare my daughter.

Preparing your daughter

Step 1

After I had moved past the fear of miscarriage, God taught me how to prepare my daughter for entering into this world. I would pray for her name daily. After I prayed about it then I would write sample names down. Each time I wrote an incorrect name God would say no Ari that’s not it. Then I stopped writing and I asked Him and he responded. Funny though, when He responded I wrote it. He gave me Amada Nubiana Flores. I said wow, I LOVE IT LORD!!!! Her father’s name is Amado and one of my closest friends name is Nubiana. Then he said no no no. Research it. I thought research it for what. You just said what her name is and you can’t just tell me. But research it was. I went online and begin the name meaning search.

1. A name means so much for a person. It determines what you are speaking over the life of that child. If you want your child to be blessed then you won’t name your baby something that has a negative or demonic meaning. As parents we must be mindful of the things we call our babies and not just their names. But back to the names. Think about it if your daughter’s name was Jezebel. Well every time you called her name you are saying that she is just that a Jezebel. But if you named her what I named my daughter Amada, which means Beloved of God, loved by many, loved by God. Then every time I call my babies name then that meaning is being spoken over her life.

2. Don’t just make up something. Who wants a name that was made up no one can spell it and it has no real sound meaning? It just goes against everything that was ever believed in the biblical days. Which is what I mentioned in number 1. Everywhere in this world less the US gives their child a name because of the meaning. Which further proves that the meaning of a name is powerful and important. Your child is important and so is the name.

So what does her name mean you ask…Amada Nubiana Flores is Beloved women of God from the clouds flowers. Okay doesn’t make sense yet. Don’t worry I had the same reaction when I wrote it down the first time. Until God explained it to me. The meanings are for each name individually. Therefore it must be put together and given the meaning of the total name. God will reveal it to you as He did for me. This is the explanation He gave me (as I write this book He gives me more).

Amada: Beloved of God – She is God’s love, she is my baby

Nubiana: Women of the clouds – sent to you from heaven

Flores: Flowers – fresh aroma, rebirthing, carrier of seeds, food for many

What God showed me is that the purpose for my daughter is to exemplify His beauty and grace to love all mankind no matter what. People will flock to her because of her beauty but when they arrive they will encounter Him. This is the very thing that I prayed for over my daughter since the moment that I knew I was pregnant. Of course I wanted her to be beautiful as He had earlier showed me she would be. But as He was teaching me how to raise her I desired for her every being to be that of Him. Now God has named her for that very purpose. Isn’t it just awesome how our Father will work when we allow Him to have is way over our lives. So you say okay Ari now I’ve been given my child’s name now what…