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I am remembering my daddy as I embrace 2011. I thank God for the opportunity He gave me…being LeRoy Shelton’s “cookie monster.” Although I was totally shocked and devastated by my fathers home going. Many did not know that my father passed away on my wedding anniversary, May 4, 2009. Many did not know that he passed away jut 7 days before my birthday. Many did not know that he passed away just shy of making that Happy Mother’s Day phone call to me. May for me was an entire month of celebration…and now this! I shed many tears of  joy but at times more of sadness and confusion. I held a smile, remained strong and stood tall. I held it together for all my siblings old and young. I keep my pose for my babies (8, 4, and 2). But deep within I was a reck, I  didn’t understand why so soon (aside from the obvious, God said so) why on MY DAY. I remember shouting Lord, you could have taken him on any day. Why did you do this to me? Why on my day…why this month? This is my month and time of celebration. I was hurt by the timing, that I didn’t get to say goodbye. Yet, I was happy to know my daddy was with God…that brightened my everything. God showed me His purpose/plan in it all. CELEBRATION!!! My mothers close friend prayed with me and for me that God would give me understanding and He did just that. He wanted me to celebrate. So I did just that I celebrated in every service that was held for my father. I celebrated my wedding anniversary, I celebrated my 26th birthday, I celebrated my Mexican and American Mother’s Day as usually. But I got the best gift ever. To see my father being welcomed into heaven. God didn’t have to do it. But He did and it (the entire experience) provoked me. I first returned to a place I never wanted to return to, Muskegon, MI and then I relocated to a place I never wanted to live, Houston, TX. The entire situation pushed me into the place I am in today… Where God wants me…many times we ask God to use us and we say that we will do whatever He requires of us, but we often do not place the home going of a loved one into the equation. We don’t think about the loss of a home or employment, not being able to attend college, etc. etc. I have learned that it was required for my father to go home to be with the Lord so that I may be born/live/go forth in ministry.

 Because God has shown me the purpose I am able to go on. Today I remember when I arrived in Houston, TX on January 1, 2010. A new life; a new beginning, a new City and State, new everything all in the beginning of a new year. How often does a persons new start begin on January 1st? For that I was thankful. God blessed my family with the opportunity to just up and leave. And it was so easy. It felt WONDERFUL! We trusted in Him and Him alone and we left. We turned away from it all. Family, friends, schools, employment, property, everything and we said okay God have Your way. God is looking for His children that will say okay God no matter what it is, no matter what it takes who will leave and who will come, HAVE YOUR WAY! Allow the TRUE KING to have His Way Right AWAY in your Life TODAY!

Daddy I thank you for the things that you have taught me, my husband and your grandbabies. For your encouraging words the last time we spent time together (Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday of 09). For that last farewell until next time we exchanged in your office. I know now that we had that moment. I thank God that the very thing He knew I would need He gave it to me even when I didn’t recognize it. It was there. I thank God even more for revealing it to me. We feel your embrace and see your smiles daily. WE LOVE YOU!

I want to urge all of you to allow God to direct your path no matter what. You may be placed in an uncomfortable place but allow Him to show you how to find your comfort zone. It does exist. I’m a living testimony of it. Turn away from what you think is His plan and face His plan that is before you. EMBRACE 2011…the time of change is NOW!

~Ari A. Flores