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Have you ever felt like you’ve gone through the same routine time after time? Do you dread going over your daily to do list. Is your to do list always the same and your tired of looking at it and completing the tasks on it?

 Sometimes to do lists can become so routine that if not done properly it can become a bla ugghh bla situation. Although, there is absolutly nothing wrong with routine. I believe you should always do everything with order. But try something new sometimes. Here are a few ideas I have that can help you change-up that to do list.

  • Maybe you need to keep the same activities throughout your day but you can rearrange the schedule in which the activities are completed. Just doing this will give you the sense of doing something new.
  • Try incorporating praise and worship music throughout the day while completing your daily tasks. This will bring you to an ultimate state of happiness and keep you very energetic. Before you know it your done with that to do list.
  • Have you ever thought about inviting someone with you while you’re doing what needs to be done? This gives you time to socialize and have help at the same time. Of course some situations wont allow for this but for the ones that do…its great and fun!
  • If possible do one task every other day or once per week versus every day (if it can wait of course).
  • Make it a family thing. I love making my to do list a race with my children. The faster we complete the list the quicker we can catch a movie, or a trip to the park, etc. Make teams like girls vs. boys or mom’s team vs. dad’s team, and etc.

I’ve found these to be very helpful in removing the repetition out of my to do list. It made it much more enjoyable for me and I hope it will do the same for you.

If you have any suggestions drop us a comment. We’d love to hear how you change-up your to do list.