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It is that time of year again and I am so honored and excited to invite you to attend the Wailing Women Implosion’s 2nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Dinner. Last year was such a blessing and we learned so much. From the teaching on the Holy Spirit, the purpose for anointing oils, a Psalmist from Kampala, Uganda ministered to us, and more.

As the planning goes forth for our 2012 gathering God continues to show Himself Mightily and blesses us with His presence, love, and wisdom to have a successful gathering. I can only expect that our 2012 gathering will be even greater than last years and bring more blessings to all who attend.

Now all we need is you!

We will fellowship at the Houston Hilton Post Oak in the Galleria area. This hotel is nestled in the exquisite Uptown Houston area. Within walking distance to many eateries and the Galleria Mall, you are sure to see it all. From Praise and worship, inspirational teachings on “Taking the Flight” to walks in Uptown there is something for all to make this time memorable. “Taking the Flight” is something that we all must do in life. However, many are afraid or do not know how to begin. I will expound upon how God desires for each of us to soar like eagles and reach our full potential in Him. The Father desires for each of us to take the flight, so come join us and let’s take the flight together.

You do not want to miss this absolute wonderful time of fellowship and opportunity to get what God has for you.

There are several ways you may register for this event. You may visit our website  and register online or print out the registration forms and mail back to us.

Registration Payment in Full $150.00/person (Due by January 30, 2012)
Registration Fee Payment Plan $150.00/5 months =$30.00/month/person

Payment is due on the 30th of each month (January 30, 2012, February 29, 2012, March 30, 2012, April 30, 2012, and May 30, 2012)

Hotel reservations should be made for Aug. 3-5, 2012 (The hotel will honor day before check-in and day after checkout for the above dates) and payment must be made directly to hotel. (800) 245-7299 Hotel Reservation Line

Standard Room $95.00/day (+ tax)*
Standard 2 Double Beds $95.00/day (+ tax)*
Standard 1 Bedroom Suite $115.00/day (+ tax)*
* The discounted hotel rate is not guaranteed if you register after July 1, 2012

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Ari Flores (832) 688-8794 M-F 9 AM – 3 PM CST or email aflores@wailingwomenimplos​

See you soon!

There are some people that question why we should pray. Others know why we should and live  a prayerfull life. Meanwhile there are some that understand the importance of prayer and aren’t doing any or enough of it for various reasons.

In my rencet reading and preparing for the upcoming show I was lead to the following bible verse…

 As for me, far be it from me to sin against ADONAI by ceasing to pray for you! Rather, I will continue instructing you in the good and right way. 1 Sam. 12:23.

I don’t know about you but I do not enjoy living a sinful life. I do my very best to remain aligned with God and be obediant. Then there is 1 Sam. 12:23 that is telling me that I’m sinning when I don’t pray and not just for me but for you. Are your ebrows raising now too? Good…Lets take a deeper look into this verse and Prayer Time and Its Importance on April 30, 2011 with Minister Lisa Shelton of Wailing Women Implosion.

Click the link below to join us in our discussion on prayer and the link above to obtain additional information about the Wailing Women Implosion prayer line.

Prayer Time and Its Importance 04/30 by Chozyn Generation | Blog Talk Radio.


You are invited to attend Wailing Women Implosion’s Annual Women’s Empowerment Dinner August 1-3, 2011.

The theme is Diamonds (Women)…God’s finest creation.


Being that this is our first annual dinner, you are in for a GRAND surprise. All invitations were selected with much prayer and God lead consideration. Aside from the beautiful fellowship with one another you will be enlightened on our ministry and how your attendance to the gathering is vital.


Online registration has begun. If you prefer to receive a hard copy of the registration packet. Please email Ari at and request your packet today or print below.

 Adult Registration Packet (13-plus)

Child Registration Form (ages 2-12)


It is our desire to reach women of all ages and races and have an awesome time in the Lord!



Hotel reservations must be made by contacting the DoubleTree Hotel

 at (800) 222-8733 or online in order to receive promotional pricing.


Anyone needing to make reservations for Sunday (or other nights outside of the block) should call Emily Nathan at 281-848-4001 Mon-Fri 8a-5p. On the weekends – if you have to call on the weekend, you must ask for the front desk supervisor – NOT reservations – or you will be transferred to Central in Dallas and they cannot assist you. Thanks!